Use of Silicon Carbide As An Inoculant in Ductile Iron Casting To Reduce Te cast Cost With keeping The Properties

Today some of the steel parts in the automotive industry have been replaced by ductile iron due to weight loss and to reduce production cost [1]. Ductile iron is considered as a Composite that some spherical graphite has distributed in iron matrix. The structure of spherical graphite cast iron, lead to increase ductility in this type of iron composition. mechanical properties of ductile iron depends on the structure that is formed during freezing[2]. published Literatures indicate, ductile iron metal matrix is determined by cooling rate, composition, pouring temperature, rare earth material in melt and pig iron in charge. Among these cases, type of inoculant, inoculant values and adding step is very important for achieving best microstructure without carbide. Indeed inoculating aids to reduce adverse changing composition effect on microstructure and properties of ductile iron. To achieve maximum yield, content of inoculants must be select optimum. Over inoculating or loss is not proper[3,4]. Adjustment adequate method for inoculating treatment is critical. Inoculants material must be dissolved homogenous in melt.

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